Lady Talitha Abigal




DOB 7/23/07


Lilly was a young Dane in our "Blue's" obedience class.  The two were constantly trying to move closer to each during class, and often played together afterward.


When Lilly's owner became ill and could no longer keep her, she asked if we might be able to bring Blue's buddy home to live with him.


Having just lost our 14-year-old German Shepherd after a long illness, yet with a still full house of 4 kids, Blue, and Ginger, our German Shorthaired Pointer, we were hesitant at first...


But, after a week-long trial period, Lilly acted as if she had been part of our household her whole life.  Indeed, she quickly became Blue's "little" sister, daughter Ciara's best friend, and a sweet, gentle, permanent member of the family.